Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Baby Love - Teachable Lessons

My Babies...
So, due date was January 10, 2012, and baby girl just could not wait.  She was anxious to come into the world.  December 29, 2011, Briella Marie was born.  Water broke the night before but I went to sleep for the rest of the night and then at 5am called my mother in law to the house to watch Jake while Hubby and I went to the hospital.  She was born @ 1pm.  She is all smiles and has a great disposition about her.  Something i hope she keeps as she gets older.  What an amazing addition to our little family.

Since that day we have been adjusting to life as a family of 4.  Jake has been amazing with her.   He is such an amazing big brother.  I was so worried and sometimes still worry that he will feel left out.  He has been my only child for the past 3 years... the only one i would spend my time with (besides hubby) and now i have to split my time between the 2 of them.  I have always, from the start asked him to help me with her, putting together her room, grabbing her towel for tubby time, or holding the garbage can open while i throw her poopie diaper in (he loves this job, lol).  At the hospital, I made sure I had a pic of him in the delivery room and when he came to meet her for the first time, i had a bag of small gifts from Bri to Jake. I think it made him feel like he was a part of it and that she wasn't invading his territory but she was here to share it with him.  I just hope that he understands as he gets older that I love both of them with all my heart and soul and want them to always remain close.  He needs to protect her... always be her rock when she needs it.  Give her space to grow but always teach her what he has learned as the older brother.  I'm sure they will be close and its too soon now for me to see it but it just gets me thinking about the things i want my kids to learn as they grow up.  What i want to teach them... here are a few...

I always want them to recognize that family is extremely important.  Always remember that you will always have your family, no matter what.

I want them to always look at life as a journey, enjoy it for its ups and downs and learn from your mistakes because you will make them.  Its normal and natural to live and learn.

You can do anything you put your mind to.  My dad always told me this one and i ALWAYS rolled my eyes but it is true, if you work hard enough, you can accomplish your dreams.  Reach for the stars!

Make sure you treat others the way you want to be treated.  SO true although, growing up i didnt follow this one, i want my kids to make sure that they think about their actions before the act and be kind to others.  Everyone has their own story, struggles, etc.

Live in the moment, but have your eye on future goals.  Sounds tough to do but always

Money cannot buy happiness, nor does it grow on trees.  Mom and Dad work very hard to give you the life they want you to have but by no means does it allow us to buy our happiness.  There are much bigger things out there to make us happy.

I think this is a living list.  As i grow and go through life i will be able to add to this and teach my kids the lessons that i learned going through this crazy thing called life.

I ask you: What do you hope your children will learn from you?  What will you strive to teach your kids?

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I'm BACK! Final Renovation Pics

Ok, its been a while since I have written and rightfully so, I have had a new baby and finished the renovations on the house.  Phew... we made it.. and now we can relax and enjoy our beautiful family. Below are some updated pics of the raised ranch reno's we did.  I will update some more pic of the bathroom and the large closet next. So...I wanted hardwood floors but my hubby said it wasn't practical with the dog, etc.  I hate to admit it but he was right came out really nice and it is extremely cozy.

The Tile and Stove

Cozy sitting area downstairs
Jakes Playroom (used to be screened in porch)

Babys room (used to be half of our master bedroom)