Tuesday, June 28, 2011

To be a Corporate Mom or a SAHM?

That is the question...

So every couple of months I sit in my office and go back and forth as to what I truly want to do when i grow up.  Do I want to strive to be that successful corporate mom that can balance the great office life with her great family life?  OR Do I want to just stop work and be a SAHM with my boy.  I do realize that in order for me to realistically do this I would need to come up with an idea to generate some kind of income.  OR Are both of these ideas really just that, ideas....

I enjoy feeling accomplished and having something like work to go to to get away and really identify myself in the "outside" world.  I need to be able to set goals and accomplish them.  I need to have projects in my life as well.  This is just me.  Many times though my job doesn't really allow for me that sense of accomplishment nor does it give me the involvement needed.  It becomes a feeling of resentment instead of accomplishment.  I cannot be at home because i have to come in here and sit and do nothing all day, away from my son. *breathe*

Ok, or the alternative, to quit my job so i can stay at home with my son.  Now in today's economy and the financial situations of couples these days makes it impossible for that to happen for many of us.  I would need to find an alternative source of income.  I am not all about pyramid schemes, or get rich quick schemes, or anything like that.  I mean a legitimate business idea that will provide me with something to connect to and something that pays me.  I am beginning to research ideas like this to see what is out there.  Many of the sites recommend day care in your home, crafting, or real estate (renting and selling). 

I have to keep digging and really think about this alternative because as much as the grass seems greener on the other side... what you don't know you don't know.  Its better to do the research.

Are there alternatives to a 9 - 5, in office job that you have seen success with??  Anyone?  My quest continues.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

How do you Cope?

By no means am I an expert at dealing with the curve balls that life throws at you but I was talking with a couple friends about this and it got me to thinking.

Many of my friends, working and non working, will relax with a glass of wine, or some of them smoke.  I often see Facebook posts of women frustrated/exhausted with all of the things going on in their world and I wonder what it is that gets them past their frustrations. How do they cope?  Is it with wine, knitting, gardening, writing, verbal diarrhea to a friend, sex?  Its easy to get through life if you have good healthy coping mechanisms. It also helps if those same mechanisms stick around all your life.

I am Irish and have always shut down verbally (unless forced :)) when things are not going my way.  It is difficult for me to discuss things.  So to "cope" with this personality flaw, I have always coped with wine and writing out problems.  If things get out of control and I just need to escape and relax I go and grab a glass of wine and sit with a journal or piece of paper.  Now not in a raging alcoholic kinda way at all... just as a way to stop, sit and relax, escape or think about the situations at hand.  It a way it helps me regroup. 

What are some of the things you do when things get tough or do not go your way??  How do you cope?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Full Time Mom and Employee

Yup that is me.  On Full Time.

How do I do it??

Well I just do.

I take it day by day and really just live.  I wanted to get this off my chest so thanks for listening:


My house is a mess but livable

I have dishes in the sink (that drives my hubby crazy)

I never make my bed

There are piles of clean laundry on the floor in my room (also drives hubby crazy)

Kids toys are thrown about my house

My fridge is full but not with what we need for a well balanced meal each night

I pass out as soon as I put my son to bed


I have a close family & friends that I love very much

An amazing son who I would do anything for

A Loving supportive hubby that is always there for us

I have a job

I am on time for said job (most days)

I rush to pick my son up at preschool 5pm each day (even though its 1/2 hr away)

Cant think of more...

Perfectly Imperfect.