Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pregger Crazies and Raised Ranch Remodels

Ok, so it has been ages since I have written.  I have had a case of the pregger crazies.  Not sure if any of you ladies have experienced this but it is an intense feeling of anxiety of not feeling ready.  So as I mentioned we do not have the room currently in our home to welcome another bundle of joy.  SO we, my hubby, Lil man and I have had to do some serious organization and re-organization of our lives and space we live it in.  What exactly do I mean?  Well where to begin...

Our Humble Abode
Not sure if you remember, we had our home on the market for a year but our timing was right in line with the housing crash so now we are going to make the best of the situation and with what we have. We are extremely lucky to have a handy family member that handles crazy well.  My father in law (FIL) has taken on the task of working to make our home a place that works.  Keep in mind we have a Raised Ranch style home that's about 1500 sq ft. Not much wiggle room...

Master bedroom before
When we moved in, we made the three bedrooms into two (a large master, pictured on side & a spare, which is now my sons). We have since added an additional bedroom to the bottom level to the house so that we had a bedroom for guests when they came (and hey, its easier to try to sell a three bedroom than a two).  It was what worked for us at the time.  Now with our quickly approaching due date, we are working to create a bedroom for Baby Girl.  How you ask????  We are giving up our roomy master bedroom with large closet and dividing it into two rooms.  One for my hubby and I and one for Baby Girl. Yes, no closet in our bedroom. 

Master bdroom before
What are you going to do with all of your stuff you ask???? Well, we had to get creative with this. We had a coming to Jesus actually, realizing that we are NEVER, ever going to workout in our home and took the wasted space of our "workout" room and converted it into a huge walk in closet (Picture to follow).  Phew, worked that one out.  FIL is working on that as we speak so it can be done and I work on getting what we need for Baby Girl because that should have started long ago. LOL. 

Workout Room Before

Next plan?  A playroom located downstairs, closing in my fav of all time screened in porch.  This will allow the kids a space of their own to play and be while not overwhelmnig the rest of the house with toys and arts and crafts as it is now.  FIL will work on that when bedrooms are complete. Pictures to follow on this one...