Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SuperMom to the rescue!!

OK.  I am on the hunt.... I need your help.

I am having a Superhero themed birthday party for my son's 3rd b-day and have been researching this for about a month now.  I am set on invitations, decorations, food, and venue.  I have one thing left.  I would have never imagined how hard it would be to find these things.  It looks like i might have to put on my Martha Stewart hat and make the damn things myself.  God willing!

Can you guess what I have been searching for obsessively??

Capes!  Superhero capes for kids that do not cost an arm and a leg to order.

I have been to Esty, and all sites Google provided but I cannot justify paying $55 for 8 capes!!  $10 a cape!?!? Come on people... Don't kids play superhero all the time. Shouldn't moms be able to find a cape for their little boy (or party of 15 kids) :)

Well if you have any ideas I am desperate.  I do not want to subject my hubby to the craziness that will ensue if I have to make these things.