Friday, June 3, 2011

Full Time Mom and Employee

Yup that is me.  On Full Time.

How do I do it??

Well I just do.

I take it day by day and really just live.  I wanted to get this off my chest so thanks for listening:


My house is a mess but livable

I have dishes in the sink (that drives my hubby crazy)

I never make my bed

There are piles of clean laundry on the floor in my room (also drives hubby crazy)

Kids toys are thrown about my house

My fridge is full but not with what we need for a well balanced meal each night

I pass out as soon as I put my son to bed


I have a close family & friends that I love very much

An amazing son who I would do anything for

A Loving supportive hubby that is always there for us

I have a job

I am on time for said job (most days)

I rush to pick my son up at preschool 5pm each day (even though its 1/2 hr away)

Cant think of more...

Perfectly Imperfect.

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