Thursday, November 18, 2010

Being the wife I always thought I would be… or so I thought.

As a little girl we were taught to play with dolls, care for a doll house and cook fake food, it was called “playing house”.  You could take care of your little dolls the way you would your child and make them dinner and clean the house, etc.  As you grow up, you aspire to model these behaviors that were set upon us as youngsters.  Fast forward to the future, current day, working full time, out of the house, to help pay the bills, child in daycare away from you, house is a mess on a pretty regular basis and dinner is NEVER ready when we get home.  Ugh.  It’s time for a reexamination of how to be Mommy efficient.  Here's the plan... Prep meals on the weekend to have each day during the week.  As laundry piles up during the week, wash it asap instead of leaving it for a whole weekend days activity.  Clean at night it’s the only time to do so when others in the house are not moving around messing things up behind you.
There should be a manual in this thing we call life. Don't you think?


  1. Forget the manual...I want Rosey from The Jetsons to help me! I wasn't a work-out-of-the-home mom for the first 10 years of the kidlet's life, BUT as you said desperate times call for desperate measures...divorce required it. But most days I like it. Like i said--most..

  2. I know you have to go back and forth in your head at all times. So now you do or dont stay home with the kiddos??