Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Everyone’s career has that one defining moment

Everyone’s career has that one defining moment.  Well that moment has not hit me yet. Quarterly meeting in which I get noticed for 3 years of dedicated service, the CEO does have one good thing to say about me.  “And here is Kim, three years…” crickets… ugh… makes me want to scream because not only am I here doing the best that I can in the role given, but I am away from my lil one.  I should have been recognized for ONE friggen thing that was memorable during my time here… Have you had that one defining moment in your career yet?


  1. Hi - I saw your blog listed on bloggy moms and I'm now following you!

    Erica -

  2. Thanks for the follow!! Hope you can relate to some of the posts!

  3. Following you from bloggy moms, hope you follow back at, and totally understand your point. Work also and live by an on-call cell phone, try to treaure the most time with my family but balancing both does get crazy. ; )

  4. It truly is a balancing act Johanna. Its tough. I can sit around and get stressed about it or just take it for what it is and enjoy the time i DO have. Thank you.
    PS i am following you now ;)