Monday, December 13, 2010

Mom Stereotypes

There are so many different kinds of Moms out there.... they worried Mom, the overprotective Mom, the all about family Mom, the motherhood comes easy to me Mom, the carefree, let the kiddos do whatever they want Mom, and so on.  Its amazingly interesting to see what kind of Mom your friends become. I have each of these kinds of mom friends (granted i don't have a lot of mom friends yet). 

It makes me think... what is the type of mom-dom do I portray to others?? The frazzled Mom??  The Overprotective Mom??  The Crazy Mom??   I mean, I look around at my friends and how they interact with their kids and then look at myself as being kind of a mis-mash of all of these types of Moms.  It kind of depends on the day.  I do find myself wanting a mom friend just like me but... at the same time I love all of my different mom type friends.  They keep me sane. 

Who is to say that stereotyping of moms is an OK thing to do??

I guess its a natural thing as we tend to stereotype a number of different things. Right??

Do any of you ever put your mom friends or yourself into a mom type category??  Are all of your mom friends the same type of mom that you are??  Or do you much rather have mom friends of all types to keep you level headed??

Let me know your thoughts!!


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