Monday, August 29, 2011

Were Expecting!!

It has taken me a long time (5 months) to write this post and announce this to the world.  My family and I are expecting our second child!! January 10th, 2012 is our estimated due date :))  Not only that, but we are expecting a baby GIRL!! Yes, I could not wait to find out!  I am too Type A and need to plan out the rest of my preggers time.  A girl!! Unbelievable.  I am so excited!  I love my son and he has been a blessing and a half and I wouldn't change anything about having him.  I have always wanted a girl!  So fun to dress up and the PINK :)) i know, many are haters of pink but i am pumped to use it.  OK, breathe, Kim. 

So let me rewind a bit.  I was nervous about getting preggers again because we had some complications with a pregnancy last year (lost baby) and could not go through that again.  I kept this pregnancy a secret till about week 16-17 from EVERYONE! I mean everyone, even my family.  The prescreen tests and ultrasound all had to come out within normal limits for me to feel comfortable.  It was not until the last ultrasound at 20 weeks until I could see the baby and that they could measure all of the parts to see if everything "looked" good until I could actually let myself emotionally accept this pregnancy.  Well I am ecstatic to say that all looks good and i can now accept and embrace what is happening.

Ahhh.... ok, now the crazy planning lady is coming out... The house, we have no room. How to make room for baby?  We need to renovate!  Damn Raised Ranch!  To work, or not to work? How expensive is daycare? Can I have someone else watch my baby?  Can we afford it??  How to prepare Jake for sibling?  What do we name her??  How do i agree with the hubby on a name??

OH the questions and planning that comes along with Baby #2!

So exciting!


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